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The leading brand of the greyeyesgabriel brands, Dj greyeyesgabriel is the music greyeyesgabriel likes…

Migration…the flight

greyeyesgabriel international
  …is my parent company for all that I do on the web, it is what binds all of my divisions together; all resources are distributed through greyeyesgabriel international. As you may have figured out, a large part of the focus of greyeyesgabriel international has been developing on the social web; aka web 2.0. We utilize many hosts and sometimes we change as technology of the web changes. While Google is a large base for us and not only provides business side resources but development resources as well; we like to utilize as much of the new technology to build our brand as possible. As being a leader in the development of the personal web, offering unique designs to challenge the point of view that websites must be functional without being creative especially with so many tools available through hosting sites and plug-ins. 

  …having said all of that boring technical stuff; we are proud to announce that we are migrating all blogs of the greyeyesgabriel webwork to tumblr. We just simply like the control that we get, along with their creative point of view; the ease of integration. It gives us what other blog providers don’t within the pixels of the tumblr community which has matured quite nicely with the understanding of how important it is to stay flexible on the modern web. We won’t be closing down the blogs on other websites; but they will be turned into syndicated rebroadcasts from the tumblr main source. 

…we welcome you to join us on this journey of unique thinking which is not contained to only the web but also stems into the personal life of greyeyesgabriel himself, and applies in reality as well as virtual reality. As we are rolling out this new blog system, we are posting this on the original opinion blog of greyeyesgabriel first…

...perspective of perception...

…as well as polishing, migrating our feeds, and integrating our unique perspective; such as CosmicSpores,  we are also adding new little bits of web entertainment to our brand; such as by greyeyesgabriel. Keep your eyes on the greyeyesgabriel brand for interesting developments; perhaps we will see each other around sometime, I’m not always sitting behind a computer screen and keyboard. Thank you for your support and criticism over the years; it has been quite a challenge with many obstacles, but we have refocused our attention to the original purpose of this adventure we have been on. It has and will continue to be an interesting journey as we develop the ideas of greyeyesgabriel together.

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